early morning stroll and poetic thoughts

i have this weird habit. maybe it’s a tradition that is just keeping me sane. i take very long walks. it helps me reflect back on a lot in my life. i think i do this too much. this is how i’ll spend my days off. i guess it’s my version of prayers with deep contemplation. 

i’ve come to the realization that overthinking is only bad if you want it to be bad. but if you try to pave a better future, it’s the best thing ever. it’s also a constant reminder of my biggest desires. taking long walks is one of the reasons why i love living in manhattan. so much to see without being confined in a vehicle for a long period of time, and plenty of sidewalks to observe my surroundings

it was just minutes before midnight. a time when a friday night out becomes an early saturday morning trip back home for most. i haven’t been feeling too great in a lot of ways, but being sick makes me feel useless. i caught strep and i’ve been very achy, lethargic, with congestion to the max. i still felt the need to at least get a workout session in to meet my weekly quota: one. i’m actually in the best shape i’ve ever been despite the lack of time at the gym. i think we fail to realize the importance of form, posture, understanding your strength threshold and activation, along with a decent diet. but that argument is for a later time.

so i went out. the weather apps i have said it would not rain for the rest of the night. it misted instead. perfect for my outfit as i made the trek from harlem to the planet fitness at 35th. at the moment, that location tends to have less people hogging up all the free weights. it was a decent session.

after gym, i felt like it was way too early to just take the train back home. so i walked. sometimes i’ll have personal landmarks that i’ll visit. usually, they’re not what you’ll see in travel guides, but something to take me to a happier place, a memory that i hold onto very dearly. lately, i’ve been heading out to the pier in this part of town. i’ll walk to the westernmost point of the dock and view the lands on the other side of hudson. there’s a streetlight (or two) that shines very brightly. this is when my deepest thoughts rise up. it’s been my go-to spot for some time. sometimes, i wonder that if god or spirits around me don’t hear my wishes, at least the waves will listen. 

since it was hours after a rainstorm, the skyline looked so calm while the clouds were moving rapidly south. i mean, the buildings have always been still, but i guess it’s the lack of sound that makes this visual feel unusual. when it was time to walk back, these poetic lines crossed my mind. i thought i’d leave it here. maybe i’ll include a typographic design too!

your sleep warms my heart

they say you never do

but I’ve seen you quieter than the softest night waves that surround you

i roam the dark to admire the marks you present 

imperfections and the treasures

sometimes along lesser known paths 

to fulfill my loving curiosity

and other times down memory lanes

to remind me why I want to see another day with you

am I a creep to admire your beauty when you’re not at your liveliest and respiration

as tranquil as my heart currently beats

i think they do not spend enough time to know you as i would like to

thank you for accepting me when you are aware and now lack thereof

and for me to sleep here too